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Amalgam fillings contribute to Autism and other developmental disorders!: Click here to learn how

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your child

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Is Your Dental Practice Mercury Safe?

If you aren't sure, and want it to be, then New Directions Dentistry's DVD on How to Minimize Occupational Exposure to Mercury in the Dental Office and Make Your Practice Mercury Safe.

The DVD will teach you how you can protect yourself, your patients, your staff and the environment from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury. It will also show you how to generate new patients, increase revenues and prevent potential lawsuits. Six hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credits are available.

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Tom McGuire, DDS

Tom McGuire, DDS is a leading authority on mercury detoxification, chronic mercury poisoning & preventive dentistry. He is the author of the best selling books: The Poison in Your Teeth; Mercury Detoxification, Healthy Teeth, and The Tooth Trip.

Dr. Tom McGuire: Click to learn more


Dr. Tom is available for phone consultations regarding mercury amalgam fillings, mercury detoxification, and gum disease prevention.

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Want to add an associate to your practice? Want to sell your Mercury Safe practice? Want to communicate with other Mercury Safe dentists?

Amalgam Fillings & Chronic Mercury Poisoning

Learn how mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings can devastate your immune system and cause, contribute to, or make worse every health issue you have . . . .

Amalgam Fillings & Mercury Poisoning

For the health professional

Important information on how chronic mercury poisoning, gum disease, and other oral health issues affects overall health. Unless you understand how oral health can devastate overall health you will never get the treatment results you seel for your patients.

The Poison in Your Teeth:
Mercury Amalgam
(Silver) Fillings . . .
Hazardous to Your Health

The Poison in Your Teeth proves that mercury is continuously released from amalgam (silver) fillings and is hazardous to your health. Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring, non-radioactive substance on earth. It contributes to over 100 health issues, including heart disease, autism, chronic fatigue, MS, allergies, depression, memory loss and anxiety.

Dr. McGuire’s book is informative, well-documented and extremely easy to read and understand. It addresses every aspect of this controversial subject, including how;

amalgam fillings release mercury vapor and damages your health

to have these toxic fillings safely removed

to find  a mercury free and mercury safe dentist

mercury from amalgam fillings can cause, or contribute to, autism, learning and developmental disorders

The Poison in Your Teeth is vital for women who are planning to have a family and are unsure or skeptical about how these fillings affect them, the fetus, nursing baby and child. Dr. McGuire’s book is a must read for dentists, health professionals, and anyone who wants to have these fillings safely removed, detoxify mercury from the body, and improve their overall health.


Mercury Detoxification:
The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body

Tom McGuire, DDS. The A to Z guide to naturally and safely removing mercury from your body. This is the most complete, practical, and effective book ever written on the subject of mercury detoxification. Written in a way that everyone can understand, it explains how:

guide to mercury detoxification cover

Mercury poisons the body and how the detoxification process works.

To use healthy natural nutritional supplements to safely remove mercury from your body.

To support brain and intestinal health during detoxification.

To use schedule charts and testing to support and monitor your program.

To heal the damage chronic mercury poisoning has done to your health.

Mercury Detox: Learn more
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Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral & Overall Health

Internet Price: $11.95

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(USA Orders Include Shipping & Handling)

Dental disease can no longer be considered a minor problem with the gums and teeth. It is a disease of the body and can contribute to many serious health issues, including heart disease!

This extraordinary book will teach you how to:


Eliminate gum disease and tooth decay.

Improve your oral and overall health and increase your life expectancy.

Avoid or minimize costly gum surgery.

Save thousands of dollars in dental treatment costs.

How to increase your energy and look and feel better.

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