Mercury Amalgam Fillings & Mercury Detoxification: Tom McGuire, DDS:

Dedicated to Educating the Public about the Health Hazards
of Amalgam Filling, Chronic Mercury Poisoning, Mercury
Detoxification and the Relationship of Oral to Overall Health!

Mercury Amalgam Fillings & Mercury Detoxification: Tom McGuire, DDS:

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Mercury Free Now: Dr. Tom's Message

The purpose of Mercury Free Now is to offer you important and useful information regarding mercury amalgam fillings, chronic mercury poisoning, and mercury detoxification. My new book, Mercury Detoxification: The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body, will provide you with a solid knowledge base about these important health issues. They will be a valuable resource because much of the information in these books will be just as true 25 years from now as it is today. But there is still much to learn. Because of the speed at which new information about the health hazards of mercury amalgam fillings becomes available, it is important that you have instant access to it. The wonderful thing about a website is that it is much more spontaneous than a book can ever be. I can easily add information, remove material that is no longer relevant, and instantly revise and update current information about this subject.  

The information I will provide will not only keep you informed about issues relating to mercury amalgam fillings and mercury detoxification but will make a significant difference in your oral and overall health. I’ve studied and researched this subject for over 30 years and have committed to updating the kind of information that will ongoing support for your efforts to undo the damage mercury has caused.

Each month I will write a Current Article about health issues related to chronic mercury poisoning. These will cover a wide-range of topics but the emphasis will be on practical solutions that will directly benefit you and improve your quality of life. For information about the relationship of oral to overall health, particularly the effects of gum disease on health and what you can do about it, please go to Dr. Tom's other website at His most recent book on preventing gum disease and tooth decay, Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body: How to Improve Your Oral and Overall Health can be reviewed and purchased from that website.

I also write a Question & Answer segment where I will respond to as many emails as I can. I won’t have time to answer every question submitted, but I will use them to determine the topics of my monthly articles. You can email your questions to me by Clicking Here.

The information in both the Current Article and Q & A will be archived and can be accessed in the Archives menu. Be sure to check out past articles. 

In health,

Dr. Tom 

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